Just Like The Days of Noah
by Jan Darnell

Reviewed by Emily Mockovciak,
Author of “A Woman of Valor”
June 2012

Finally, a Biblical Workbook Study…
that introduces and outlines the tribulation texts from Matthew 24, Revelation, Daniel and other prophetic books succinctly and completely.

Whether you study Just Like The Days of Noah individually, or with a group of believers, you will be challenged on every front to be prepared to live in this catastrophic time. Through historical backgrounds, explanatory and devotional footnotes, Jan shares insights into the Hebrew and Greek meaning of biblical terms, such as: “Beginning of Birth Pangs”, the “Abomination of Desolation” and the “Heavens Being Shaken”, etc.

I am now fortified in my mind and faith …
with a knowledge of future events that will soon unfold, I finally understand that it is God’s intention to preserve my life in these last days, not whisk me away prematurely. I am ready to see Jesus return to the earth as King and Lord and excited about His coming!

What path will you take to get ready…
for the greatest event of all….the Second Coming of Jesus Christ…and do you really understand the times we live in?
We are currently living through many natural disasters… of epic proportions, as well as an economic and political upheaval that continues to erupt throughout our world. We must come into alignment with God’s purposes and timing explained in His Word in order to survive fear, unbelief and doubt.

A must for every believer …
this Workbook, Just Like the Days of Noah, will prepare you to be watchful and wise, able to “encourage each other as you see the day drawing near.” (Hebrews 10:25) I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stand strong in these “last days” before the Christ returns.
Stephanie Stanford - Jan's study is insightful and thorough. It made me approach the subject of Jesus' return, as well as my preparation for that day, in a whole new way!

Tammie Thompson - Just Like the Days of Noah is a Bible study that caused me to examine the promise of Christ's second coming and the coming of the Kingdom of God. It is rich in discovering the plan for our future. The study and Jan's passionate teaching stir up the desire to live expectantly for this beautiful plan to come to pass.

Patti Wesley - Just Like the Days of Noah makes the words of Christ become relevant to us as His disciples today. This study has opened my eyes and ears to be more aware of what is happening now and what to watch for in His coming. Thanks to Jan for connecting the words of Christ in Matthew to those of Daniel and John that I might understand what is yet to come.

Connie Secoolish - This study opens the Scriptures on how to prepare for the Day of the Lord. And how important it is to be strong in your faith and know that He will never leave or forsake you. It is an awesome study!

Maryanne Miller - I have known Jan for many years and had the pleasure of sitting under her teaching through numerous studies. She has such a passion for the Word and it is always manifested in her teaching. This study, Just Like the Days of Noah had more of an impact on me than most studies. I was challenged to take an honest look at my life and my preparation for His coming. I was also moved by the boldness of this study. God's Word is truth and if it is truth that you desire, I would recommend you journey through this study.

Bonnie Wade - Jan, thank you for contributing such a deep study. Your endeavor is encouraging!

Phyllis Shirley - The Days of Noah has been a wonderful eye opener to me. Thank you for "the heart" you have poured into this study. NO ONE else in any church that I've been a member of has ever touched on this subject. God bless!

Wendell Warnock - Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this study at our Church and for the many hours you have spent on research and writing. For many years, I have known that the Lord was returning but did not understand the tribulation until now.  

To those unprepared, He will come like a thief in the night!  1 Thess. 5:4

If you're looking for a study on end times . . . Wow! This one will blow your socks off. From a teacher who loves God deeply and knows her stuff! I can't wait to get my hands on it - just became available!                  Jenn Fromke, novelist 

 Through this indepth study of Matthew 24, Jan is bringing a much needed message to the Church in America, "Be prepared to go through the tribulation." Dr. A.T. Stewart

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